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The exhilarating experience during the Catamaran transfer from Agatti to Kadmat Island (Distance 65 km)

A cruise from Agatti to Kadmat onboard the HSC [High Speed Catamaran] will take around 2.30 hours. The blue sea around you is a beauteous vision. The cool ocean breeze and seagulls will give an absolutely unforgettable journey. You will encounter sandbanks, sparkling coral reef, large school of fish and other marine animals.

During the travel you could catch a glimpse of many different islands, mostly uninhabited. Bangaram island [9km] is situated just opposite side of Thinnakara island [11km] and share the vast lagoon and coralline banks with Agatti. On the north-south edge of the lagoon Parali (i); Parali (ii) and Kalpitty isle are situated. Pitti Bank is situated around 20 km ahead from Agatti Island.

Pitti island, also called PakshiPitti (Island of birds) and hence there are many birds over here, particularly the Seagulls. Pitti Bank is a largely submerged sunken atoll with a very large lagoon area. There are just two islands Pitti and Amini share the lagoon and remain at its opposite ends. Amini Island lies at the northeastern extremity of Pitti Bank, 42 km from the uninhabited Pitti Island.

Kadmat island, although just 5 km northeast of Amini Island, is separated from it by a deep channel and thus forms a separate geographical unit. Along with the cool breeze of the sea, the scenic beauties and visions, you are slowly getting closer to the exotic Kadmat Island. Read More Here is your exclusive Kadmat [5N]; Bangaram ]3N] & Thinnakara [3] Islands Package Sample Itinerary and Route Descriptions....

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